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Jipaban is made up of individuals just like you. Yes, YOU!
Everybody from the Tow Kay (Big Boss) to the Lollies and the minions all have THE inner shopper within them.
We believe that it runs universally in all of us, so don't try to deny it.

Still don't believe us?
Behold... some of our Jipaban staff that embody some of the most commonly sinful shopper traits out there.

Situational $hopper

Ming's List of Excuses (Co-Founder)

If there's one word to describe Ming during shopping trips, it would be FRUITFUL.
Regardless of where and when, as long as he sets his eyes on something, he will come up with loads of bullshit as to why he needs the item. It's amazing hearing what kind of scenarios he cooks up and how he convinces you that it's something he'll need. Judge for yourself:

Ming's Excuse #108: "Having this Ivory Carved toilet paper holder in my bathroom would be perfect! People who take a dump in my toilet can appreciate this piece of art while minding their business. See! I should totally get it!"

No-Time $hopper

Elaine's Rant (Lolly)

No kind or type of stress can beat the pressure to produce a gift for someone in an hour. If it's an important occasion, that's even worse. My personal record? Finding a gift for my mum in 23 minutes. Beat that!

"Yes, I should have planned it in advance but come on... things pop up and I just don't have the time! Stop saying that it's my fault already!"

Retail Therapy $hopper

Maylene's Shopaholic Confession (Lolly)

"My closet has A LOT of unopened shopping bags.

Others might consider me a "shopaholic", but I shop because it makes me happy!

Much of my life centers around buying things. Even my JOB.

I buy things I don't need.

I buy things I did not plan to buy, but what the hell. I am Happy."

Bargain Hunter

Waye Ning's Discount Mantra 101 (Lolly)

To Waye Ning, sniffing out bargains and getting the biggest discounts are a matter of life and death. Without incentives like loyalty cards, free key chains, or even 2 hour free parking, Waye Ning's shopping crisades would be a non-existent episode in her life.

Over the years, Waye Ning has developed into a walking radar for tiny incentives that make her shopping experience sweeter and more rewarding.

Her ears perk up at the mention of sales or discounts.

Her eyes widen at the whiff of free gifts.

Her body tingles with excitement at the issuance of loyalty cards!


So who can YOU connect with?

Excuse-ful Ming?

Jam-packed Elaine?

Shopaholic Maylene?

Deal-digger Waye Ning?

Despite our differences, we came together, with one purpose in mind - to make YOUR
shopping experience in Jipaban sweeter, more rewarding and satisfyingly sinful.


Five Fat Facts


An online shopping mall with social networking elements.

People were born in Gleneagles, KK hospital or even in aeroplanes.
The idea of Jipaban was conceived in a Hong Kong Coffee Shop,
Tsui Wah. But we're TRULY SINGAPOREAN. Truly Singaporean


  • It means 1 million dollars!

  • FYI we are not ching chong changs, we speak English yo!


  • The lollies are the Masters. (full timers)

  • The minions are... The minions. (interns)

  • We are always recruiting minions. Join us!

Office Home

  • Technically we CAN work from home.

  • But we have an office that we call home. *cue to go awww...*

  • We have in-house chefs, Cleaning aunties, Personal Trainers, Live concerts in the background and a helicopter service.

The Facts